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Reflexology Treatment in Cannock

Reflexology Treatment in Cannock

I provide a relaxing yet powerful Reflexology treatment in Cannock which is an extremely beneficial treatment. Consequently, it can be extremely helpful to help improve physical and emotional well being. Obviously I am sure that this is something that everybody would like!

When the client comes to see me for a reflexology treatment, I explain to them about the therapy. Especially what to expect from the reflexology process.

Reflexology process

The process is where we apply gentle yet powerful pressure to certain meridian points that are located on the feet. Additionally, this action stimulates the corresponding organs in the body and it helps to clear negative energy. What’s more by stimulating the pressure points it can help to reduce stress tension and increase the feeling of wellbeing. Also, as a result of a client having regular treatments the health of the client usually improves.

In this image below, it shows the therapist using her thumbs to stimulate a specific point on the foot. However this is not the only point on the foot that is used. There are many more points that need to be stimulated for the full effect of reflexology foot massage. In addition, these include the tops of the feet, the toes and the sides of the feet too.

Reflexology Treatment in Cannock

Reflexology is a powerful therapy which can help a person relax and destress. Equally, there are many benefits to having a treatment. See below:-

Reflexology Foot Massage Benefits

Pain relief

Nervous system stimulation

boosts circulation

Boosts Metabolism

Toxin release

Speeds up the healing process


Eases sleep disorders.

Headache relief

Improves energy

Helps with Depression

Improves skin conditions

None Treatable conditions for Reflexology

contagious conditions

Fractures of the foot


Osteoarthritis in the foot or ankle.

Vascular disease of the ankle or feet

Under no circumstances will I be able to treat a client who has any of the above problems.

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