Time for Me Loyalty Scheme. Great Discounts available

The Time for Me loyalty scheme is available for those of you who book regular treatments with Time for Me. This is my way of appreciating you as my regular client. It is my intention to keep you happy and know that you will enjoy my gift to you on your 6th visit to my wonderful cosy home based Garden Sanctuary.

5 full price treatments entitles you to have a full price therapy with me. The loyalty scheme card will be given to you on your first visit. In addition the first signature from me will be signed in the heart box after your first treatment. Additionally, each time you have a treatment I will sign your Loyalty card bringing you closer to your free treatment. Only having 5 treatments in order to get your free one is a great deal! So if I were you I would act now and book your first session with me. You won’t regret it!

Loyalty scheme
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