Easily learn to be peaceful with meditation classes

Relaxation Meditation Classes

Attending my Relaxation Meditation Classes and self-care practice will ensure you will soon feel the benefits. Peace and balance in life seems unobtainable but it is easier than we think when we put our minds to it. In essence are all so busy rushing here, there and everywhere trying to make everybody else happy. In addition, we rarely put our own happiness first or time aside for ourselves to fulfil our own needs. We are looking for happiness on the outside of us and constantly seeking acceptance and approval from others as opposed to finding our inner self and what truly makes us happy and peaceful from within ourselves.

Pleasing others and being busy in our lives means that we are not relaxing our minds and bodies. We are not getting in touch with what we really want and need deep down in our souls.

The importance of Regular Meditation

By practising regular meditation we are learning to slow down our minds, thoughts and bodies, leading to a more peaceful demeanour in ourselves no matter what is going on around us. I will teach you how to do this in the Relaxation Meditation Classes.

Meditation can either change our lives for the better or enrich your already happy life. Meditation is a journey and not a destination and is a practice that we need to do every day to help get the most from our lives. Just like cleaning your teeth each day, meditation needs to be a part of your daily routine. Whether it be 10 mins or longer, it still contributes towards you listening to your own needs! You are important and valuable in this world so honour yourself and realise the true potential you have to be yourself and at the same time lead others to do the same!

All about the programme

Book in with me to join a small group of people to relax and meditate together. Nothing heavy, I promise! The relaxation meditation classes include various types of meditation. Nothing difficult. By the time you go home after each session you will feel a lot calmer and more present.

We will meditate with crystals, listen to music, singing bowls and more. There will be no chanting and sitting in the lotus position (I cant do this myself!). Just getting in a comfortable position for you and going within yourself to slow things down. We haven’t got to sit like a statue either. You can change positions as many times as you like. Of course, there is more to it than that. We we will share experiences with each other (your choice) It will be a relaxed class with hopefully some new friends made!

The classes will take place from my home. Now this will either be in my garden sanctuary cabin (which is why i can only have 5 in each group) as its only 8 by 11 feet or outside in the garden. We may also do it in my house but we will see how we manage in the outbuildings first.


BOOK NOW! You won’t regret it and I am sure you will love being amongst people just like you wanting to relax in a cosy environment and enjoy life!

Relaxation Meditation Classes
Relaxation Meditation Classes in my home



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