PRICE LIST for Healing & Relaxation Therapies

Please find below the 2024 Price List for Healing and Relaxation Therapies available in order to help release stress, anxiety, and even pain, leading to a more relaxed and peaceful you! I offer Powerful complementary therapies based in the Cannock area.

As you can see the package lists a selection of wonderful relaxing treatments. Furthermore by paying for a combination of 4 treatments in one go, you are saving yourself some money. Plus you have your guaranteed appointments all ready for you.

If you look at the package you are able to have 1 or 2 in one go if you choose. Alternatively, you may want to experience 1 treatment per week or 1 per month. Its completely adaptable and up to you.

For more information about the package (which can be changed to suit) please contact me either on here via the chat box or the contact form. There is also my Facebook page where you will find more reviews. As an alternative you may want to call me.


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