“Amazing Development Workshops to help you Discover who you really are and to be the best version of yourself!

If you have come to this page, then this is no mistake because you are being called to work with me to develop your true self. I am now holding development workshops each week where we will aim to develop our self awareness and spirituality. These self development workshops will help you take steps to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be and we will do this together by developing self awareness and introducing you to your innate spiritual self which has been neglected by most of us.

My aim is to help you activate your virtually forgotten spiritual part! So in order to do this we will be carrying out different activities each week, working individually and as a group.

Details about the Workshops

At the moment the workshops are not running due to lack of interest. Therefore until I can get 5 people or more I will not be undertaking any workshops. If you are interested then please send me a message and I can put your name on the list ready for when I have a minimum of 5 people.

(9 week course)

(TUESDAYS ) 7pm – 9.00pm

(WEDNESDAYS) 7pm – 9.00 pm

The cost is pay as you go £15.00 per session and that includes tea or coffee and biscuits. The workshops will be help at my home as this means you get the comfort of learning in a relaxing peaceful environment. I live in Hednesford so it is accessible from Lichfield, Cannock and all the surrounding areas.


This exciting course will be beginner friendly so you don’t need any experience or prior knowledge, just a willingness to learn and have fun at the same time! This is purely a group for complete beginners so don’t worry about getting everything right as nobody ever does!


Finally I am looking at practising and teaching the following topics:-

Angel Cards/Oracle Cards We will learn to tune into the cards and read intuitive messages for ourselves and for other members of the group.

Psychometry (using other peoples objects to read the person’s energy field)

Crystals – These little beauties are so powerful. Crystals can help with healing and balancing the mind body and spirit using their amazing power. They can be placed on the body and in the surrounding energy field. Crystals can also be held whilst practising meditation.

Sound Healing – using sound bowls, shamanic drum, tongue drum, tuning forks, to aid balance and harmony in the human body.

Colour and Chakras (Energy Centres) – I will teach you about the Chakras and their function in the human body. Plus how we can get the best from them. Learn the powerful benefits of colour working with the chakras.

Meditation – We will utilise the power of different meditations. Practising for 15 minutes daily over time can help you to feel calmer and more balanced.

Mindfulness – Helping you to learn how to be mindful such as observing your patterns of breathing, becoming more aware of the present.

Sensing Auras – We all have an energy field that surrounds our body. We will be learning to sense the aura of any person. We will be practising on each other during the course.

Emotional Freedom Technique – I will teach you this simple powerful tapping technique which can help you deal with stress and anxiety.

If you are interested in this course please pop your name and email address below or you can call me on 07468 585426 (Karen) Furthermore, if you could please leave any message along with your contact number I can let you know when I am ready to begin.

Watch this space for more information. I am looking forward to starting these spiritual development groups very soon!

Spiritual Development
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