• Beautiful Mindfulness Training in the Hednesford, Cannock Area

    Mindfulness in Cannock

    Mindfulness – Holistic and Relaxation Therapies

    I offer training in the Cannock area. Mindfulness can help us to slow down our minds and help us to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives.

    It is only in recent years that mindfulness has become the in thing! However it is just a word to describe what we focus on. Something we focus on with all our heart and soul without getting distracted by other thoughts or events going on. It is a complete concentration on the task in hand and total observation of our surroundings.

    Being mindful is important and mindfulness has always been around. However, nowadays, most of us are so busy with the demands of life that we don’t focus on anything for long and with all our hearts and soul. Life is just so busy. We are missing out on precious moments that can make us feel connected to the world around us.

    Mindfulness - Holistic and Relaxation Therapies

    Examples of Mindfulness

    • Eat each meal while sitting down properly at a table. Resist the temptation to eat and watch tv at the same time because this will distract you from mindful eating. Focus on each and every mouthful, really tasting the food in your mouth and experiencing the texture, the colour, the sweetness or the savoury taste. Don’t rush! After all it has taken you a while to cook your food so why eat it in two seconds!
    • While waiting in traffic, rather than getting impatient about having to wait, look around at your surroundings through your window. Take in the people walking by, the nature surround you, the other cars. This will slow down your mind and calm you down. Acceptance of negative things helps the flow of life much better.
    • Focus on any project you are doing with all your heart and soul. If you cannot get the peace and quiet within your home or workplace, then wait until you get time for yourself. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, you can focus purely on what you are doing and really enjoy it by utilising all your senses.

    I will help and teach you to calm your mind by doing various exercises with you. While you are with me I will show you how you can do these things on a regular basis on your own in your own settings.

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