• Beautiful Reiki Healing Crystals Sound for your Mind Body and Soul

    Powerful Reiki Therapies and Crystal Healing Sound Cleansing

    This treatment is a wonderful and beautiful powerful universal energy healing therapy. I combine Reiki Healing Therapies, the added power of the amazing crystals, the chakra tuning forks that resonate with each of the main chakras in your body. I also use the healing frequency sounds of the singing bowls and the powerful vibrations of shamanic drumming. Clients usually relax into a beautiful state of deep tranquillity for the full hour. Furthermore the client benefits in many ways including being ultimately relaxed, balanced, calm, energised, happier and more. Each client always has a different positive experience which benefits them in many ways.

    What happens during a Reiki Crystal Sound Cleanse Session?

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    For the effects of this extremely relaxing treatment, it is best if two – four weekly sessions takes place in order for the full lasting benefits that the Reiki and Crystal Therapy Sound Cleansing has to offer.

    Crystal Healing Therapy

    crystal healing therapy Reiki Healing Therapies

    During the treatment, intuitively crystals are placed on and around the body of the client. This enables the energy of the crystals to stimulate the energy field of the client in order to restore it’s natural balance.

    Tibetan Singing Bowls

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    After the reiki and crystal healing treatment, the singing bowls are used by gently hitting the bowl with a rubber ended wooden mallet. This then creates a frequency which brings the two sides of the brain into sync. It also creates calm and peace within the client. I use 7 singing bowls which each emit different vibrations relevant to each chakra.

    Shamanic Drum

    I use a hand held shamanic drum using the stick to deepen the vibrations of the already relaxed client. I finish with a djembe drum which energises the client ready to wake from the deep relaxation state.

    Tongue Drum

    Using a Tongue Drum during the treatment helps to calm the mind and deepen the experience of the client. It contributes towards balancing the energy centres in the body of the client.


    As you can see the above treatment is an extremely healing and relaxing therapy ensuring you leave feeling calmer, lighter and more balanced in your mind and body. Try this treatment and find out for yourself.

    Helping another person to relax and balance is very important to me and I am glad that the treatments that I carry out contribute towards the client feeling more balanced mentally, spiritually and physically

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