• Beautiful Mindfulness Training in the Hednesford, Cannock Area

    Mindfulness in Cannock

    Mindfulness – Holistic and Relaxation Therapies

    I offer training in the Cannock area. Mindfulness can help us to slow down our minds and help us to reduce stress and anxiety in our lives.

    It is only in recent years that mindfulness has become the in thing! However it is just a word to describe what we focus on. Something we focus on with all our heart and soul without getting distracted by other thoughts or events going on. It is a complete concentration on the task in hand and total observation of our surroundings.

    Being mindful is important and mindfulness has always been around. However, nowadays, most of us are so busy with the demands of life that we don’t focus on anything for long and with all our hearts and soul. Life is just so busy. We are missing out on precious moments that can make us feel connected to the world around us.

    Mindfulness - Holistic and Relaxation Therapies

    Examples of Mindfulness

    • Eat each meal while sitting down properly at a table. Resist the temptation to eat and watch tv at the same time because this will distract you from mindful eating. Focus on each and every mouthful, really tasting the food in your mouth and experiencing the texture, the colour, the sweetness or the savoury taste. Don’t rush! After all it has taken you a while to cook your food so why eat it in two seconds!
    • While waiting in traffic, rather than getting impatient about having to wait, look around at your surroundings through your window. Take in the people walking by, the nature surround you, the other cars. This will slow down your mind and calm you down. Acceptance of negative things helps the flow of life much better.
    • Focus on any project you are doing with all your heart and soul. If you cannot get the peace and quiet within your home or workplace, then wait until you get time for yourself. Even if it’s only 20 minutes, you can focus purely on what you are doing and really enjoy it by utilising all your senses.

    I will help and teach you to calm your mind by doing various exercises with you. While you are with me I will show you how you can do these things on a regular basis on your own in your own settings.

  • Holistic Wellness Treatment Price List

    I am dedicated to providing you with a range of rejuvenating and wellness services designed to enhance your overall well-being. I am always committed to offering personalized and holistic treatments that address your unique and individual needs. Below is my Holistic Wellness Treatment Price List. Click on the appropriate treatment on the website relating to your interest. Each treatment is explained fully on the relevant page which helps you to gain more insight into treatments you may not have yet experienced. I put all my efforts into all my therapies and I aim to make you feel the best that you can possibly be during our time together. Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  • Holistic and Relaxation Therapies. My amazing Heart Centred Therapy Work!

    About Me - Holistic and Relaxation Therapies
    Karen Hills

    My name is Karen and I offer Holistic and Relaxation Therapies to the people of Cannock.

    My passion for helping others has lead me to where I am now and is reflected in my holistic work. I give to other people the treatments I would love to have myself and with the same caring approach towards everybody I meet.

    My love of people is beyond compare and while I, like a lot of people have experienced bullying as a child, it has made me a stronger person. To me, it is really important to give to others and make them feel better in themselves.

    This type of work is my purpose in life and I have been working in this field for 12 years now. I had a break for a while and worked with people with additional needs in the community for 5 years. I really enjoyed helping other people get the best from themselves. It was an amazing job but I felt that I could go as far as I could. Furthermore, I really wanted to get back into the work that I love.

    My Journey

    From a child, I have always felt an instinctive need to care for other people. Where I lived in my street I looked after the children outside and made sure I did my best to protect them. I didn’t like bullying of any kind. I would get myself into trouble for sticking up for others by fighting the other kid’s corners!

    Getting older, I was always the one who supported the underdog. Throughout my work life I have only really enjoyed jobs that involved supporting and looking after others. This work now that I do is my passion! I never want to do anything else. So be assured that any treatment you have with me will be the best that I can give and it is always carried out from the heart!

  • What in the world are Chakras or energy centres?

    What the heck are Chakras or Energy Centres I hear you ask? Chakras are the invisible energy centres throughout our bodies. They are responsible for distributing energy to our organs, mind and body. How do we know they are there if they are invisible? Take a look at this YouTube video which will explain more.

    Chakras or Energy Centres

    Chakras or Energy Centres

    As shown in the image the Chakras have a colour corresponding to the various parts of the body.

    Red chakra is known as the root chakra. This is responsible for us feeling connected and grounded and is related to having our basic needs met. It is our security and safety. Its element is Earth.

    Orange chakra is known as the sacral chakra associated with our various emotions, our creative processes. Also our sexuality and it is also responsible for compassion we feel for other people. It’s element is Water.

    Yellow Chakra is also known as our Solar Plexus chakra responsible for our identity, our strength and personal power. Also it emphasises our self esteem and helps with confidence and determination to follow your true path. Its element is Fire.

    The Green Chakra is known as the Heart Chakra associated with self love and love of others, accepting of ourselves and others, compassion and sincerity. Its element is Air.

    Blue Chakra is known as the Throat Chakra responsible for our creative expression and being able to communicate in an open and honest way. Its element is Sound.

    Indigo Chakra is known as the Third Eye Chakra associated with intuition, trust, meditation and being lucid. Its element is Light

    Purple Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra responsible for knowledge, spirituality, connection with the universe, consciousness and fulfilment and is located at the top of the head. Its element is Thought.



    When Chakras or Energy Centres are unbalanced, our lives are affected in a negative way. It could be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually or a bit of everything.

    So what causes our Chakras to be unbalanced?

    It maybe any emotional upset, marital conflict, relationship problems with others, eating unhealthy food, too much technology, negative surroundings, and more. So it make sense to get our chakras in balance again, we need to make some changes to improve our lives. For example: look at ways to improve our relationships, do meditation, practise mindfulness, eat more healthy foods including vegetables, fruit and starches, limit ourselves to less time on technology and improve surroundings as much as possible.

    Once chakras are balanced everything flows as it should, the energy flows around the body in a smooth way and we are in balance in all areas of our lives. It is possible for just a couple of chakras to be out of sync. However, this can affect the other Chakras or Energy Centres so we need to help ourselves completely by using the steps suggested above in the previous paragraph, even if they are not all out of balance.

  • Beautiful Reiki Healing Crystals Sound for your Mind Body and Soul

    Powerful Reiki Therapies and Crystal Healing Sound Cleansing

    This treatment is a wonderful and beautiful powerful universal energy healing therapy. I combine Reiki Healing Therapies, the added power of the amazing crystals, the chakra tuning forks that resonate with each of the main chakras in your body. I also use the healing frequency sounds of the singing bowls and the powerful vibrations of shamanic drumming. Clients usually relax into a beautiful state of deep tranquillity for the full hour. Furthermore the client benefits in many ways including being ultimately relaxed, balanced, calm, energised, happier and more. Each client always has a different positive experience which benefits them in many ways.

    What happens during a Reiki Crystal Sound Cleanse Session?

    reiki symbol

    For the effects of this extremely relaxing treatment, it is best if two – four weekly sessions takes place in order for the full lasting benefits that the Reiki and Crystal Therapy Sound Cleansing has to offer.

    Crystal Healing Therapy

    crystal healing therapy Reiki Healing Therapies

    During the treatment, intuitively crystals are placed on and around the body of the client. This enables the energy of the crystals to stimulate the energy field of the client in order to restore it’s natural balance.

    Tibetan Singing Bowls

    sound healing

    After the reiki and crystal healing treatment, the singing bowls are used by gently hitting the bowl with a rubber ended wooden mallet. This then creates a frequency which brings the two sides of the brain into sync. It also creates calm and peace within the client. I use 7 singing bowls which each emit different vibrations relevant to each chakra.

    Shamanic Drum

    I use a hand held shamanic drum using the stick to deepen the vibrations of the already relaxed client. I finish with a djembe drum which energises the client ready to wake from the deep relaxation state.

    Tongue Drum

    Using a Tongue Drum during the treatment helps to calm the mind and deepen the experience of the client. It contributes towards balancing the energy centres in the body of the client.


    As you can see the above treatment is an extremely healing and relaxing therapy ensuring you leave feeling calmer, lighter and more balanced in your mind and body. Try this treatment and find out for yourself.

    Helping another person to relax and balance is very important to me and I am glad that the treatments that I carry out contribute towards the client feeling more balanced mentally, spiritually and physically

  • Powerful Energetic Crystal Healing Therapy Cannock

    I carry out Crystal Healing Therapy Cannock for my clients using crystals and gemstones to aid in the healing of your mind body and spirit. Crystals are energetic structures which when placed on our bodies in various positions, utilise the energy of the crystals. These wonderful gemstones do the job of activating our own energy to help with the healing process. Furthermore this helps us to restore balance in a holistic way.

    There is so much more interest in crystals these days. People are beginning to become aware of their properties and what they can do for them.

    Crystal healing and therapies
  • “Amazing Development Workshops to help you Discover who you really are and to be the best version of yourself!

    If you have come to this page, then this is no mistake because you are being called to work with me to develop your true self. I am now holding development workshops each week where we will aim to develop our self awareness and spirituality. These self development workshops will help you take steps to becoming the best version of yourself that you can be and we will do this together by developing self awareness and introducing you to your innate spiritual self which has been neglected by most of us.

    My aim is to help you activate your virtually forgotten spiritual part! So in order to do this we will be carrying out different activities each week, working individually and as a group.

    Details about the Workshops

    At the moment the workshops are not running due to lack of interest. Therefore until I can get 5 people or more I will not be undertaking any workshops. If you are interested then please send me a message and I can put your name on the list ready for when I have a minimum of 5 people.

    (9 week course)

    (TUESDAYS ) 7pm – 9.00pm

    (WEDNESDAYS) 7pm – 9.00 pm

    The cost is pay as you go £15.00 per session and that includes tea or coffee and biscuits. The workshops will be help at my home as this means you get the comfort of learning in a relaxing peaceful environment. I live in Hednesford so it is accessible from Lichfield, Cannock and all the surrounding areas.


    This exciting course will be beginner friendly so you don’t need any experience or prior knowledge, just a willingness to learn and have fun at the same time! This is purely a group for complete beginners so don’t worry about getting everything right as nobody ever does!


    Finally I am looking at practising and teaching the following topics:-

    Angel Cards/Oracle Cards We will learn to tune into the cards and read intuitive messages for ourselves and for other members of the group.

    Psychometry (using other peoples objects to read the person’s energy field)

    Crystals – These little beauties are so powerful. Crystals can help with healing and balancing the mind body and spirit using their amazing power. They can be placed on the body and in the surrounding energy field. Crystals can also be held whilst practising meditation.

    Sound Healing – using sound bowls, shamanic drum, tongue drum, tuning forks, to aid balance and harmony in the human body.

    Colour and Chakras (Energy Centres) – I will teach you about the Chakras and their function in the human body. Plus how we can get the best from them. Learn the powerful benefits of colour working with the chakras.

    Meditation – We will utilise the power of different meditations. Practising for 15 minutes daily over time can help you to feel calmer and more balanced.

    Mindfulness – Helping you to learn how to be mindful such as observing your patterns of breathing, becoming more aware of the present.

    Sensing Auras – We all have an energy field that surrounds our body. We will be learning to sense the aura of any person. We will be practising on each other during the course.

    Emotional Freedom Technique – I will teach you this simple powerful tapping technique which can help you deal with stress and anxiety.

    If you are interested in this course please pop your name and email address below or you can call me on 07468 585426 (Karen) Furthermore, if you could please leave any message along with your contact number I can let you know when I am ready to begin.

    Watch this space for more information. I am looking forward to starting these spiritual development groups very soon!

    Spiritual Development
    Tibetan singing bowls
  • Holistic Therapies

    Beautiful Unique Affordable Complementary Therapies for relaxation and healing

    I offer a variety of affordable Complementary Therapies in Hednesford, based in Cannock. My ultimate aim is to help the client relax and unwind and find the peace within themselves. In addition, I would like to help with leading the client in gently releasing and reducing stress and anxiety along with trauma, physical and emotional tension. Finally I am here for you and hopefully after reading my genuine reviews on my website you will make a wise choice and choose to have your therapies with me.

    Matthew Hurd
    I highly recommend Karen’s treatments, she is such a nice, caring person. I have had many different treatments including reiki, massage, reflexology, sound therapy and meditation and enjoy them all.
    Nina Pilmer
    Thank you Karen for the lovely Indian head massage, I’ve already booked my next treatment and really looking forward to it
    Caron Norbury
    I visited Karen for the first time today to have an aromatherapy body massage, a friendly welcome and a very lovely massage, I would thoroughly recommend Karen, a lovely lady, I will definitely return soon, thankyou.
    Julia Cox
    Karen is a lovely lady who make you feel at ease from the start. I’ve had a few sessions and tried EFT, sound bath, crystal therapy & Reiki. All have been beneficial to my health and I always come away feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you Karen.
    Karen is down to earth, friendly and kind but most importantly she listens to what you need and takes her time. I really enjoyed my first time seeing Karen where I had a massage and reiki, it was so relaxing and healing..I have already booked in for my next treatment, and cannot wait.
    Elana Steel
    Had my first experience with Karen last night and I cannot sing her praises enough. We had a reiki session and a pretty lengthy consultation. As someone with deep rooted trauma I am particular with where I seek help and I couldn't of felt more comfortable. Extremely reasonable rates for the service which does not lack in any way. I look forward to my next session.
    I went to see Karen for a massage I enjoyed it that much that I decided to add on another treatment reiki and crystal therapy so glad I went because I came out floating! 😂😂 highly recommend this lady!!!
    Marian Smialowska
    It was my first visit to Karen today and I've already booked up for another session next month. Karen is warm, welcoming and professional. My Reiki treatment was wonderful, thanks Karen! Looking forward to trying some Crystal Therapy next time 😊 5*
    cameron hulley
    I went to Karen today and had EFT therapy followed by crystal healing. I would highly recommend time for me, the tapping technique helped me let go of my pain and heartache of my son going through leukaemia. I felt relieved afterwards and left feeling refreshed and relaxed after my crystal healing. I will definitely be back 😊
    Kyle Hackitt
    Tranquil setting and environment. Brilliant practitioner. Already booked my next appointment!

    Holistic Therapies Cannock

    Do you struggle with the following :





    Pain and stiffness?


    How many of you think that the answer to feeling good is just to look good? While this is a good thing as it does make you feel better to have your nails done, lashes etc, it is also really important to feel good from the inside too! So many of us neglect this part of ourselves. It is vital we focus our efforts into feeling good about who we are and not JUST the appearance we project to the outside world. You may look beautiful which is great but we need to feel this way inside too!

    All the therapies on my website contribute considerably towards you making feel so much better. It is rare people go out from my treatments feeling the same as when they came in! An array of Crystal Healing Therapies, Reflexology, Reiki and more! Ooh yes and I also offer Gift Vouchers for the special people in your life! So there is nothing not to like. Self-care is extremely important so take time for you and honour what your mind and body needs!

    Finally, I carry out all of my holistic therapies from home and I have a specifically built garden cabin which I call the Garden Sanctuary. It is beautiful in my opinion. Here I carry out most of my treatments. Equally important in the room next to it we have the Garden Room which is where I carry out the powerful E.F.T.Tapping Therapy and lots of lovely relaxing Meditations.

    Below, as you can see, there is a contact form which you can fill in with your enquiry and I will get back to you. I promise I will not overload your inbox!

    Contact Form

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