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  • Holistic and Relaxation Therapies. My amazing Heart Centred Therapy Work!

    About Me - Holistic and Relaxation Therapies
    Karen Hills

    My name is Karen and I offer Holistic and Relaxation Therapies to the people of Cannock.

    My passion for helping others has lead me to where I am now and is reflected in my holistic work. I give to other people the treatments I would love to have myself and with the same caring approach towards everybody I meet.

    My love of people is beyond compare and while I, like a lot of people have experienced bullying as a child, it has made me a stronger person. To me, it is really important to give to others and make them feel better in themselves.

    This type of work is my purpose in life and I have been working in this field for 12 years now. I had a break for a while and worked with people with additional needs in the community for 5 years. I really enjoyed helping other people get the best from themselves. It was an amazing job but I felt that I could go as far as I could. Furthermore, I really wanted to get back into the work that I love.

    My Journey

    From a child, I have always felt an instinctive need to care for other people. Where I lived in my street I looked after the children outside and made sure I did my best to protect them. I didn’t like bullying of any kind. I would get myself into trouble for sticking up for others by fighting the other kid’s corners!

    Getting older, I was always the one who supported the underdog. Throughout my work life I have only really enjoyed jobs that involved supporting and looking after others. This work now that I do is my passion! I never want to do anything else. So be assured that any treatment you have with me will be the best that I can give and it is always carried out from the heart!

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