Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique is where we tap using our fingers on specific points located on certain parts of the body to enable us to eliminate or reduce feelings of stress, anger, hurt, anxiety etc. This works by bringing the negative feelings to mind, talking about a certain situation which has caused you to feel this way and then tapping on the acupressure points on your face and body. This then takes away the intensity of the negative feelings experienced leading to a calmer more happier you!

  • EFT Tapping Therapy – A Powerful Therapy for Healing your Emotions

    EFT Tapping Therapy


    Well what can I say , I had an amazing E.F.T Tapping Therapy today with the wonderful Karen and after my session today a lot came out that I didn’t expect . Behind my phobia had been lying emotions that I hadn’t dealt with ( which I thought I had ) Tears came out like opening a tap , it all came to the surface . I feel like a weight of toxic emotions have come out and left me as a passing ship and now a distant feeling totally. Wow! Brilliant result. Thank you so much, Ali (from Facebook reviews) xxx https://www.facebook.com/holisticandrelaxationtherapies/reviews

    Karen is so welcoming, friendly and professional in all aspects of her work. What struck me was the outcome from the EFT. It was truly unbelievable.... I couldn't believe how well it worked and honestly can say that it has made the world of difference to my wellbeing. 
    You will be in for a surprise if you do experience EFT with Karen, I personally can say... it worked for me and has lifted a great weight off my shoulders. Brilliant! Nikki (from facebook reviews)
    Can't thank Karen enough. Things from my past were unlocked with eft that has helped me immensely... highly recommended and lovely lady. Brenda xx (from facebook reviews)


    My Journey with EFT Tapping Therapy

    I came across EFT Tapping when I went to a spiritual development workshop and the lady there did some tapping with the group. However, she was very general with the tapping and therefore I felt it wasn’t really helping me much at all. Obviously, I didn’t give it another thought and I just put it down to a therapy that didn’t really do much at all.

    What is EFT Tapping Therapy anyway?

    EFT Tapping Therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique is where we gently tap using our fingers on specific acupressure points. Equally important, Acupressure points are located all over the body. However we only tap on certain points on the upper body as this is all that is needed for the treatment.

    Furthermore, the action of tapping connects to the limbic system in the brain calming down the emotional and physical reactions in the body. What’s more it can then enable us to eliminate or drastically reduce feelings of stress, anger, hurt, anxiety etc.

    EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique (same thing) is very powerful. Do not underestimate the power of this amazing treatment. It can actually improve your life very quickly and effectively. Especially if you commit to using it at home as well as with me at the cabin.

    This amazing Emotional Freedom Technique works by firstly bringing any negative feelings to mind that we want to shift. In addition we use tapping simultaneously leading to the intensity reduction of the negative feelings. Doing this a few times can completely eliminate the feelings around the problem. Basically we know the problem has existed. However the negative feelings have gone and there is now no or little emotional attachment to this situation allowing you to move on with your life leading you to a calmer happier you!

    The start of my EFT Journey

    I started my journey with EFT several years ago to help with stress and anxiety. After trying various therapies with different people I realised that nothing seemed to last for long.

    However, a few months later I saw more info online and tried it again with more knowledge about how you should tap. Once I realized that you had to be specific while tapping, I started getting really great results and I have never looked back since.

    EFT Tapping Therapy has definitely changed and improved my life and I am sure it will do the same for you!

    VIDEO TESTIMONIAL (Donna from Leicestershire)

    EFT Tapping Therapy

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can improve your life considerably!

    Listen to Donna on this video testimonial with her phobia of birds. Completely Gone with EFT!

    It is quite clear in today’s society that there are so many people who suffer with debilitating phobias and other problems that can completely rule their lives. Furthermore it has been estimated that 10 million people in the UK have at some point in their lives 1 or more phobias. The US it is 19 million people! That is a massive amount of people with phobias!

    Benefits of EFT Tapping Therapy

    Clears negative blocks

    Gentle tapping on upper body

    No special equipment needed

    Can do EFT by sitting comfortably

    Improves mood very quickly

    Releases trauma

    Releases negative beliefs

    Helps to rid emotional blockages

    Clarifies any situation experienced

    Clears Phobias

    Eliminates negative beliefs

    Helps with self esteem issues

    Can help with pain and more…….

    What is a phobia?

    A phobia is a debilitating and overwhelming fear which can be bought on from negative experiences, trauma or learned behaviour in childhood. Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT for short helps to eliminate any type of phobia no matter how long the phobia has been around. This can be done online together or in person with me.

    EFT Tapping Therapy
Tapping Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique

    Man doing EFT on the collarbone. Emotional Freedom Techniques, or tapping therapy as it is also known. While tapping on the meridian end points the meridians connect to the limbic system in the brain and calms down the emotional response that is being experienced by the user of the EFT. The clients brings up a feeling and we tap to bring down or completely demolish the emotional response. Once a problem has been dealt with accurately, it never returns leading the client to feel more relaxed and content about the particular issue with which we have been working.

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